Carolina Land Acquisitions, Inc. (CLA) was formed in 1998 to assist the North Carolina Department of Transportation with the acquisition of right of way for public improvement projects. Over the past fourteen years CLA has broadened its client base to include various condemning authorities throughout North Carolina. Our clientele ranges from local municipalities to state and federal agencies. Our company completed a four-year design-build project in eastern North Carolina acquiring +/- 500 parcels of right of way on behalf of Eastern North Carolina Natural Gas Company and Piedmont Natural Gas Company. CLA successfully acquired +/- 275 parcels of right of way for the North Carolina Turnpike Authority on the Western Wake Expressway. CLA is currently acquiring right of way for the North Carolina Turnpike Authority on the Monroe Bypass. In addition, CLA is actively involved in several design-build projects across the state of North Carolina as well as several on call Bridge Projects.

Our experience includes preliminary project activities such as cost estimates, impact studies, and project scheduling. Ongoing project activities include but are not limited to project management, property owner negotiations, property management, deed and title research, condemnation appraisal services, business and residential relocation assistance. We provide these services and more as required by the individual client and project within accelerated timeframes associated with the design-build process.

CLA has provided services that extend beyond the typical scope of right of way acquisitions. In South Carolina, CLA served as a subcontractor to Ralph Whitehead and Associates providing compliance audits for Carolina Bays Parkway. The purpose of the audit was to assure compliance with the Uniform Act, which regulates Right of Way at the federal level. A member of our staff reviewed each file or claimant for the project and verified that these requirements had been met.

CLA has provided services across our state using North Caroli professionals and services. We deem this a distinct advantage in providing complete and accurate deliverables to the client. Local knowledge has always served our firm well. CLA has always attempted to utilize individuals that possess extensive knowledge of our project areas. For example, appraisers that have worked in a given geographical area for an extended period of time have a far greater advantage in determining property values than one who does not. Additionally, attorneys who have a familiarity with a specific area are greater suited to perform title work, closings, and provide answers to legal issues that may arise. We have also developed many working relationships with other firms when the need has presented itself. From asbestos abatement and demolition to timber cruisers, CLA can provide our clients with whatever need may arise.

Last, but certainly not least, is our proven track record. We are proud to have completed our projects on time and in a humane fashion. Not only are we obligated to the client, but to the taxpayers and property owners of North Carolina. Our staff makes every effort to assist property owners and clarify this often-confusing process. Our agents spend the necessary time with property owners, listen to their concerns, and advise them honestly and fairly. Indeed, our approach of developing a good rapport with property owners has led to our firm having an extremely low condemnation rate.

CLA will be able to meet the needs of the NCDOT with the same level of professionalism and capable personnel that we have demonstrated in the past.